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Brief Overview Of Utsiktens BK

On Friday, May 3, 1935, some young and optimistic people gathered at home in the Blom family's apartment on Flaggatan 8 and formed the club Utsiktens BK. Unemployment was the youth's difficult problem and the first winter that the club existed, only 4 of the members had jobs. It was thus difficult with the finances and it was difficult to keep the club alive. It went a little tricky at first but new forces came and already in 1937 Kiken took its first series victory when they won Class 4 West.

Utsiktens BK has for many years been a successful youth club and a man that you just have to mention in these contexts is, from the pioneer era, Erik Björk and his energetic and successful work as a youth leader. His ability to pick up guys for the club was one of the greatest work done in the history of the club. His work laid the foundation for many successes over the years.

Ground: Ruddalens IP, Gothenburg, Sweden

Capacity: 5,000

Chairman:  Björn Jarkvist

Head coach:  Bosko Orovic

League:  Division 1 Södra

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