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X-Tubz Mega Mango (600g / 60 servings)

X-Tubz  Mega Mango (600g / 60 servings)

X-Tubz Mega Mango (600g / 60 servings)

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Together with the #1 ginger streamer on twitch Zaitr0s, we proudly present the fruitful and delicious Mega Mago. This orange concoction of greatness with the taste of juicy mangos is a personal favorite from the charismatic streamer. The name ‘Mega mango gives a little wink to all the retro gamers out there who both Zaitr0s and the X-gamer team loves dearly. So to all the Zaitr0s fans and gamers out there: this is your 1up, enjoy!

Power to victory with a 600g focus & energy pro tub in the delicious Mega Mango flavor by X-Gamer. Our best ever formula combined with incredible new taste is an advanced, innovative and powerful energizing drink, formulated exclusively for e-sports, semi-professional & enthusiast gamers. X-Gamer also contains a 27 vitamins and minerals to help shield your body, Nootropic Amino’s to sharpen the mind and with no added sugar, contains only 31 K-cals per 500ml serving.

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