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X-Gamer X-Shotz Bundle 1.0

X-Gamer X-Shotz Bundle 1.0

X-Gamer X-Shotz Bundle 1.0

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X-Gamers X-Shotz Bundle 1.0 is the perfect way to start your X-Gamer experience. With a mix of 10 different X-Shot flavours, you can sample nearly half the X-Gamer range in a single purchase and see what suits your taste!

Stay fuelled and hydrated through your most demanding gaming sessions. All packaged in an official X-Shotz box!

This Bundle includes:

X-Shotz Sakurafuri 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Hyperberries 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Sour Cherry Twist 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Steves Apple 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Dr. Beast 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Horus 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Nukefusion 10g - 2pcs
X-Shotz Sun Beam 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Zomberry 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Bluenitro 10g – 2pcs

Exclusive Limited Edition X-Gamer Stickers! - 5pcs


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